Knightwear Ostomy Underwear has been a discovery into the needs and desires of creating a quality collection of underwear and accessories for those living with a stoma.

The need for such beautiful underwear began when my mother found herself with a colostomy bag after her bowel perforated during treatment for breast cancer. Her difficulites with dressing for work and leisure were realised when her normal underwear just wasn't sufficient, so the path was paved for me to begin my research as to which kind of underwear could fix these issues my mum was enduring.

After much trialling and lots of error, a luxurious collection of products have been perfected to support and conceal the stoma and bag. This was achieved by creating an inner pocket across the inside front which also acts as a barrier between the skin and all direct contact with the bag itself, alleviating friction from all waistbands such as jeans and skirts, etc. The inner pocket also helps with allergies or heat caused by the contents of the bag.

Having the stoma concealed and supported, nestled snug within the pocket takes the pressures and stress away that relates to dressing comfortably, allowing you, the individual, to dress freely and as you desire.

Freedom of expression through how you dress is an important factor when it comes to such things as one's self esteem. The Knightwear range of Ostomy Underwear allows you to feel supported and comfortable in what ever you love to wear.

Karyn Knight, Founder of Knightwear Ostomy Underwear